This page contains a number of disclosure around the blog’s operational policies and public partnerships.

Sponsorship Entitlements

Data Center Zombie (DCZ) does not feature any sponsored posts nor special considerations for whomever our day-job employer decides to do business with. All writing you will find here comes from our own experiences, testing and desire to discuss and challenge various technologies. The DCZ team selects products or vendors that they find interesting and choose to write about them.

We gratefully accept sponsors to this site as a means to provide financial backing towards the expense of operating a full time lab and future expansions. Each sponsor has been approved for their ad content, destination link, and the solution they offer. Many of them we have worked with personally or use in the lab.

Sponsorship does not entitle any special consideration for a blog post, nor does it buy a paid post. Most important a sponsorship does not in any way affect the outcome of our review process. Sponsorship is a flat monthly fee – we are not paid on clicks, hits, page views, visitors or downloads.

Travel and Expenses

One or many of the DCZ team may attend an event and might be paid for by a sponsor or vendor in terms of the following T&E (travel and expenses) items:

  • Airfare
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Event registration and related fees
  • Meals
  • On-site transportation

We will provide full disclosure on the travel and expenses covered within the post.

Gifts and Promotional Items

It is the policy of DCZ to pass along gifts or promotional items to the readers of this site. Data Center Zombie does not solicit, require, or request gifts or promotional items for any content found on the site. Should a vendor or entity donate or loan equipment for DCZ lab usage this will be disclosed on our lab page and will not entitle the donor to any special consideration around coverage or reviews.


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